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A Wedding Invitation Front Cover

A Wedding Invitation

Who doesn’t like getting a wedding invitation? No one that I can think of. Weddings are fun! With all the food, music and festivities, it’s … Read More...

CrossTell Cap Logo

CrossTell Logo Cap

You've read the book, now get the beautiful CrossTell Logo Baseball Cap to go along with it. This 6-panel twill structured cap is brushed … Read More...

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We pay authors the highest royalties you'll find anywhere!! We are known for personal service, editorial excellence, and dedication to detail, handling all aspects of publishing including editing, design, distribution, and printing: both Print on Demand (one book at a time) and offset (larger print runs); copyright registration and eBook conversion. We provide professional writers, out-of-print writers, and aspiring writers with high quality books and eBooks. With our help, even non-writers can turn their ideas into marketable, high-quality publications ready for distribution on the Internet, in bookstores, and specialty shops around the world.