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Taking a cue from some popular good news/bad news jokes, an author sends a manuscript to a publisher. A few months go by, the publisher … Read More...

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Pen and ContractA FontLife Publication, LLC is a family-owned subsidiary publisher with a passion for discovering unknown authors. We provide publishing, editorial, marketing, education and web development / e-commerce services for authors in the Inspirational, Technology, Business, Children, and Leadership genres. We'll consider any genre however, that meets our wholesome and family-oriented standards.

We are known for personal service, editorial excellence, and dedication to detail, handling all aspects of publishing including editing, design, distribution, and printing: both Print on Demand (one book at a time) and offset (larger print runs); copyright registration and eBook conversion. We provide professional writers, out-of-print writers, and aspiring writers with high quality books and eBooks. With our help, even non-writers can turn their ideas into marketable, high-quality publications ready for distribution on the Internet, in bookstores, and specialty shops around the world.